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Frustrated Man With Road RageWho likes getting in accidents? Not anyone that I know. They’re very stressful, and you can get seriously injured or even killed. The 3 I’ve been in through my life, were not my fault. More like a wrong place wrong time situation. I got rear ended once, I was backed into while sitting at a red light, and the latest time, my car was backed into while it was parked on the street. Thankfully, I was just 20 feet away when it had happened. All three times I was able to fix the damage myself, with the help of my super mechanic slash engineer father.

Sometimes certain clouds have a silver lining. Long story short, is a lot of car accidents do not always yield your car useless. Certain ones are just minor or cosmetic, but can still rack up $500-2500 worth of repairs. You can collect a pretty nice chunk of change from the other guy’s insurance company (if they have insurance, of course) once they assess the damages. It will sometimes take 2-8 weeks to finally go through, but the check you receive might actually surprise you. Now if you are injured at all, that’s never a great scenario. This post is referring to just the positive side of things when the damage is only to your car, and not your health. It’s not being dishonest with the insurance company.  Not everyone can fix their own cars, and they know that.  It’s totally 100% your right to be able to take that money and fix your car however you want.  The crooks that take advantage of the insurance companies are the ones that drive around TRYING to get into accidents, so they can then later on cry, “Ah, my back – it hurts so bad!”  I’m sure the industry sees a lot of that scenario, as well.  And yes, I have seen drivers that even appear to be trying to get into car accidents.  You’ve got to have some quick reflexes, in order to avoid getting into an accident with one of them.  They will even try and make it seem like the accident was your fault, from the way they set it up. Read the rest of this entry »

14 Sep 2011

Car Accidents Are No Fun but Sometimes Can Work In Your Favor

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We all fear the five oh when we’re riding down the highway, but sometimes you have got to admit that their cars can sometimes look pretty incredible.  Here are our top 20 most incredible,  highly unusual, coolest looking police cars we’ve found on the web.  Some of these are just concept renderings, some show cars or movie cars, while others are actual police cars, in action on the force.  Check them out, and let us know which are your favorites!  You have got to have a lot of respect for police officers and what they do.  They definitely deserve being able to drive cool work vehicles like this at least once in a while.  Despite the dangerous aspect of their jobs, cops at least sometimes get to ride around in style.  Because we all know they get sick of those played-out Ford Town Vic’s after a while.  Enough jibba jabba, and on to the cars!

#1.  2010-12 Chevy Camaro Police Car Cruiser

2011 chevy camaro police car cruiser front Read the rest of this entry »