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There are a lot of people that don’t really see the value in having a free Tumblr blog, for a few different reasons.  Maybe you’ve got a pretty hopping WordPress blog already, so why should you need another stupid blog to have to manage?  If you aren’t running a business online, and don’t care about getting more hits and search engine traffic, then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) probably isn’t on the top of your list of concerns.  If you just want a basic blog that is easy to use and post to, then tumblr is amazingly simple and easy to get started.  It’s even easier than a free or blog.  This article is mainly considering tumblr as a tool to drive traffic toward your other websites.  Here are some reasons why I think tumblr is pretty awesome, as a supplement to your existing website or blog.

1. You get all dofollow backlinks to any url you post on your blog. This is great for SEO and developing quality backlinks.

2. There is an endless stream of cool eyecandy, videos, articles and content that you can reblog. What’s the point in this, if there is duplicate text and content?  Well, when it comes to reblogging articles, I don’t really see the point for SEO.  Google and the search engines don’t take very well to duplicate text.  What they do like, is unique text.  So, if you’re going to reblog a video, photo, or other media – try and rephrase the description and keywords, maybe even the title a bit, so that it’s a little bit different.  It might help for a little while, until people reblog the crap out of it again.

3.  Tumblr reblogs create awesome content for tweets and twitter microblog posts. It’s so simple to set up your twitter account, so that every time you reblog on tumblr, it will tweet the description and the link to the site, photo or video you are reblogging. It’s pretty easy to keep the descriptions under 140 characaters, and makes finding cool content to feed to your followers a cinch.Viral Marketing Diagram

4.  The viral-ness of tumblr is great if you’re trying to promote your youtube videos, photos, music, and more. If people like what they see, then they will reblog it.  Every time it’s reblogged, it will link back to your original post or website!  Every time I post to tumblr I see it as planting a little seed, here and there.  You never know what’s going to start getting popular.  An important thing for this to be the most effective, however, is having enough followers to get the ball rolling.  Remember that content is key, and if people like your taste, the style of the stuff you post on your tumblr blog, they’re more apt to follow you.

I’m no expert, but those are the conclusions I’ve come to – let me know what you think!  Here’s a link to my tumblr stream – please follow me, and I’ll follow you back.