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2 Apr 2011

30 Great T-Shirts For Graphic Designers

Here are 30 of the best graphic design t-shirts found on Zazzle.  Some of these are pretty funny!  If you’re looking to purchase any of these, check here first for current zazzle t shirt coupons and other great discounts.  Right now you can use promo code: SUNLOVINSALE for $5 off (thru June 26, 2011) or code: SAYITTSHIRTS (expires August/31/2011)
Graphic Designer-Will Work for Beer shirt by dustin1175


NO I Will Not Make the Logo Bigger Men's Dark shirt


kern shirt

Yes We Kern! shirt


Helvetica shirt


I draw pictures all day shirt


teetype_helvetica_neue_03_white shirt


I Love Design shirt


Friends Don't Let Friends Use Comic Sans shirt


Boycott Comic Sans shirt


Typography Serif shirt


Font Geek shirt


CMYK Scale pantone swatches shirt


kern cmyk t-shirt


Half Graphic Artist Half Ninja shirt


I Dream In CMYK shirt


No Coffee No Workee Graphic Designer shirt


Make It Pretty shirt


iDesign Interior Decorator, Fashion Designer shirt


cmyk shirt


Lorem Ipsum shirt


hello my name is adobe photoshop addict t-shirt


I love pixels pixelated heart retro 8bit gamer graphic designer shirt


Punching Puppies shirt


stop usingn papyrus font tee shirt


Photoshop Geek- Pixel Pusher DARKTee shirt


Advertising T-Shirt shirt


LET ME DROP EVERYTHING AND WORK ON YOUR PROBLEM shirt know you want to. Funny graphic design proofing t shirt


Best Graphic Designer Ever shirt

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  • DropDeadZed

    quite a douchee collection.

    • Arena Creative Stock Imagery

      …or quite an AMAZING collection! LOL different strokes for different folks. I wasn’t expecting that everyone would like all of them.

      • Faith Bowie

        Uber love. Particularly fond of ‘no coffee, no workee’ and ‘revise’.

        • Arena Creative Stock Imagery

          REVISE is one of the reasons I left traditional graphic design for now. Proofing back and forth for every project just wore on me. Even if it one took one or two revisions. It’s just part of the business. I love the no coffee no worky tee also, that’s definitely one of my favorites in this post :]

  • Gzaliab

    They made me laugh :-)

    • Arena Creative Stock Imagery

      :D thanks for commenting, me too!

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  • Öztek Ajans
  • ed n

    Nobody is going to wear that crap.

    • Stock Photos

      lol you’d be surprised

  • Clipping Path

    You’ve done really awesome job! thanks a lot for sharing this nice post & I’ll visit your site again :)

  • MycroBurst

    Hahaha… Awesome T-shirt designs. Love the ones that say ‘Revise’, ‘Half Ninja’ and ‘Coffee’ ones :D

  • Sara Bellum

    Cute tees, but mostly to wear around the house

    • Stock Photos

      Yeah, mostly – I concur :D or in the presence of fellow design geeks