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It’s always fun finding my images in use :) One of the delights of the stock business. It never gets old.  Back when I was mainly doing graphic design work, laying out ads and editorial spreads, I had a little bit of control over which images I used.  Now, I’m on the other end of the spectrum.  I sell hundreds of microstock images daily, and never know if they are simply laying around on a designer’s hard drive, or actually being used in marketing materials.  Once in a blue moon you will get a nice person that emails you and says, “hey check this out, I used your image in this ____”.  That rarely happens, though.  This advertisement, below, was spotted on the Metro North train by the model herself. Thanks to her, I got to see this cell phone pic.  Model Ellisse was used here in a montage of surprised faces for this poster by Mohegan Sun Casino located in Uncasville, Connecticut. I also noticed another photo belonging to my buddy Jason Stitt (keeweeboy) in the top row, fourth image.

suprised woman face tear sheet mohegan sun casino poster

The original photo is found here:

See how shooting a variety of different expressions and poses during a photoshoot can be useful in marketing?  Whenever I work with new models I always explain to them that because we are shooting for stock, their images will be in use and in action in a variety of different places, if they are in fact sold.  The thing is, you never know where they might appear.  We just have to keep our eyes open, and eventually they will show up somewhere.  I’m not sure how doubtful or sure they are that this will happen, but so far the majority of the models that I’ve worked with have been pleasantly surprised to find their photos in use for some incredible tear sheets to add to their modeling portfolios.

9 Sep 2010

Tearsheet – Surprised Face

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