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Bad battery life? Try a new LG Optimus V extended battery or battery charger.

The LG Optimus V Android 2.2 Froyo Smart Phone on sale at

Working in the creative field, we are hooked on our technology.  We need it, we use it, we breathe it.  Digital media runs in our blood, so it’s important that we’re always connected.  We like to show people things on our phones, and be able to work on the go without lugging a laptop or finding a wifi hotspot.  Regarding prepaid phone plans, in general – they’re known to usually be crap, right?  Smartphones and data plans are almost always going to cost about $70-100 per month, right?  Wrong.  Not anymore – now you can get the new LG Optimus V smartphone with Android 2.2 Froyo on it, on a major network (Sprint), for just $25 a month.  No contract, and no hassles.  Did I mention the $25/month include unlimited text messaging, MMS, and internet data?  It’s pretty wild.  This phone is going to be a game changer, for many that are paying more and getting less with their current network providers. Read the rest of this entry »

2 Mar 2011

The Android LG Optimus V for Virgin Mobile Is a Lot of Bang for the Buck

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