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5 Jun 2013

Watch Hill Rhode Island East Beach

Trending in the news is the buzz about how country pop music superstar Taylor Swift recently purchased an 18 million dollar mansion property on one of my favorite beaches in RI.  There is a little bit of controversy, everything from a crazed fan (stalker) getting arrested near her house, to her security stirring things up with the locals who get to close to the edge of her sea wall.  Since Watch Hill is suddenly in the news, I figured I would share some stock images I’ve captured from the beach there.

Watch Hill Rhode Island Mansions Stock Photo


I captured this shot of the Watch Hill beach line several years ago while enjoying the day with family.  Taylor Swift’s new mansion is the one located on the first large hill, as seen in the stock photo above.  Our only fear is that now the area will be swarming with paparazzi, tourists trying to catch a potential glimpse of Taylor on her terrace, or potentially the increase of parking prices.

As it is, Watch Hill has always been sort of a New England gem, because of the fact that parking is pricier ($10 weekdays, $20 weekends) plus there is a hike of a walk you have to make, at least several blocks uphill, in order to get to the beach entrance.  That alone, keeps the masses of beach goers away.  The scenery and picturesque nature of the beach and surrounding area are amazing, though.  I’ve always preferred this beach to nearby Misquamicut, also found in Westerly, Rhode Island.  Go there if you’re not annoyed by the college and high school party crowd, and if you don’t mind fighting for a spot on the sand.

Watch Hill Indian Stock PhotoWatch Hill Rhode Island Lighthouse Stock PhotoWatch Hill Rhode Island Stock PhotoBeach Entrance Stock PhotoBeach Fence Stock Photo

Watch Hill Rhode Island Lighthouse Stock Photo

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  • Brian

    Visited RI for the first time this year, so much fun!

    • Stock Photos

      I love it… best beaches in New England, I think. Haven’t been to Cape Cod, but I don’t need to :)

  • Professional Wordpress Themes

    Off the topic a bit how did you add watermark to your images?

    • Stock Photos

      It’s built into the backend of the website. If you want to easily watermark yours, try Lightroom